Show transceiver specs on Cisco ASR 9000

The equivalent of a “show inventory” or a “show interfaces transceiver” on a Cisco ASR 9000 is “show controller”:

# show controller tenGigE 0/0/0/0
    Media type: R fiber over 1310nm optics
        Vendor: FxxxxxR
        Part number: FTLXxxxxxxxxL
        Serial number: AxxxxxU
# show controller tenGigE 0/0/0/0 internal
Pluggable Type      : SFP-10G-LR
# show controller tenGigE 0/0/0/1 internal
Pluggable Type      : DWDM-SFP-5494

It shows you the phy details of a specific interface transceiver, while “internal” shows you its type (LR, SR, DWDM, …)

One thought on “Show transceiver specs on Cisco ASR 9000

  1. To do the same on a Linux side:

    # ethtool -m eth1
    Transceiver type : 10G Ethernet: 10G Base-SR
    Transceiver type : Ethernet: 1000BASE-SX

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